“LK PARIS” by Michael Guichard photographer



© Michaël GUICHARD
Talita – Agence Idole – avec Raquel Crispim, Davy Evano Hairstylist, Stephane Dussart et Michaël Guichard Photographer.

LK PARIS Couture To Wear At New York Fashion Week


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Two days of Showroom.
Many customers, journalists and friends came to support us and we thank them.
It is always a pleasure to be in New York.
We were delighted to receive a visit from Kaylene People from Agenda magazine , and photographer Arun Nevader.
Kaylene was resplendent in this dress “Robin Redbreast ” that I created especially for her.

We thank Arun for these beautiful photos that show the details of our work.

About Elena Kuznetsova…..”BIGSHOT 360 “

We have already done several photo shoots with elena.
It is always a pleasure.
I love her friendliness and professionalism.
She is a great photographer .

LK PARIS by Laure Kczekotowska …..”The Venetian mask” series .

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